Lets Breed MPSM & HCM out of our Ragdolls

It would be fantastic if we could find a lab that could offer this test with a reasonable turn around time. I have emailed Animals DNA in Melbourne but been told they wont be offering it.

I would appreciate if every person who visits this site would send an email to them to request they offer the test, if we get lots of people asking for it they may add it.



Late last year I started to DNA test all of my Ragdoll Breeding stock.

I chose Catgenes ( http://www.catgenes.org/ ) in Texas as they covered a wide range of tests including HCM,PKD, and also colour, dilute etc. I was mainly wanting to rule out PKD and HCM from my lines. When my test results came back I was a little shocked to see one of my girls "Chicken" Rymadon Ma Petite Ange came back as being a carrier for MPSM.

Since then I have sent off many tests and although the lab is often Very Slow (Yes very very slow) This is an important factor to remember to test your cats early, make sure you have plenty of time before they reach breeding age, If you do any new cat when it either gets to you or if you are keeping as soon as you know, then you will be able to make informed choices.

I had Chickens half sister "Lilly" Raggydolls Lilac Lilian (they share the same father) come back as a -/+ as well. Being they share the same father I had a fair idea where the genes come from. Lilly is from a litter of 8 kittens, I know of at least 4 other breeders who have full siblings from this mating and they will carry MPSM, 3 of these are stud boys.

I have been lucky to have a few cats come back clear that couold have been -/+ but have also had a few I would really have liked to not carry come back -/+.

The slow process now is to eliminate this from our cats. This is a very easy process by making sure every single cat in your cattery is tested so that you can make informed decisions about who to mate to who.

If you have a -/+ result then only put that cat to a -/-

If you have a very important line that comes back +/+ then you must put this cat to a -/- and then keep a -/+ kitten, desex the +/+ parent and then repeat the process to get a -/- kitten. It will only take two generations at most to eliminate this from out cats.

I have not had any cats come back carrying a HCM gene touch wood but it would appear that it is more common in the traditional like where as MPSM is in the Chocolate and Lilac lines.

The other issue with HCM is that just because a cat tests as being a -/+ or worse +/+ it does not automatically mean that the cat will develop HCM. The gene we are testing for is the only one know at this time and there are others, by eliminating this one that we know is a huge step in the right direction.On the other side a cat who test -/- can develop HCM due to what I have said above with the unknown genes. Ecocardiograms really are the best way when used in conjunction with the DNA results to make sure our cats are clear and healthy.

I am asking people to please add their cats pedigrees to www.pawpeds.com The person who does this for the Ragdolls is Yvonne info@stamtavlor.net She must work very hard as I know who many peds I have sent her over time and I thank her. Pawpeds may not be perfect but a great tool.

If we want people to be open with their results then they will need to list their cats full pedigree name either on this site and/or their own website. Then other breeder can trace back the pedigrees to see where these problems are coming form and to work out which cats of theirs to test first. Please to not take the easy route and use other people results, if a cat is clear does not mean its siblings are clear unless both parents are.

If we stand united in this we can make this breed so much stronger and help to eliminate the heartache that will follow if these problems rear their nasty heads.

Breeding is a Choice and not a right, If you can not affort to test your cats or just dont want to then really you should not be breeding.

I am happy to add anyones cats names to this list if they come back with any results worth mentioning so feel free to email me their full Pedigree name and send a copy of their ped to pawpeds if they are not there already


Haylee Scholte (Sempre Ragdolls, Sydney, Australia)




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